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    Dependencies in PRINCE2

    By | Published August 30, 2012

    PRINCE2 allows for product-based planning with a focus on quality and mapping. Because of this, dependencies must be identified – without this step no control over stage boundaries would be achieved, and realistic planning would be impossible. What is a Dependency? A dependency is a link between elements of a product that depend on each […]

  • When to be Flexible in PRINCE2 Project Management

    By | Published August 16, 2012

    Project management techniques such as PRINCE2 are based on careful planning and tight control. There is also the fundamental acceptance that plans will need to be changed as the project progresses – if this sounds confusing then learning PRINCE2 techniques will let you know when and how to adapt the project. For example, you will usually […]

  • Communication Skills in Project Management

    By | Published August 10, 2012

    Training in project management techniques such as PRINCE2 will give you the theory of how to structure and run a project. We’ll also give you case studies and real-world applications of the knowledge to make it easier to start managing projects when you return to work. Understanding the importance of  other skills such as communication […]

  • How to Keep Calm When Projects Go Wrong

    By | Published August 3, 2012

    To be successful at managing projects, you need to learn how to structure and control them using a proven project management technique such as PRINCE2. That is pretty much a given in today’s society – project management qualifications are increasingly asked for in job advertisements, and our accredited PRINCE2 courses have never been so popular! […]

  • PRINCE 2 Exam Tips

    By | Published July 24, 2012

    When you come on one of our PRINCE2 Training courses, you’ll take the relevant exam on the final day (or days 3 and 5 if you do the complete PRINCE2 Practitioner course). As well as providing the kind of training that ensures you can implement your new knowledge as soon as you return to work, we […]

  • Adapting PRINCE2

    By | Published July 17, 2012

    Some business owners misjudge the importance of using a formal project management methodology such as PRINCE2 if the projects within their organisation are small in scale – spending time on training and implementing project management may seem like cracking a nut with a sledgehammer. This analogy is misguided. The beauty of the PRINCE2 methodology is that […]

  • Where to Start With Improving Project Management

    By | Published July 11, 2012

    The importance of using formal techniques for project management is becoming increasingly recognised throughout all areas of business as a well to improve quality and efficiency whilst reducing overall costs. Demand for project management qualifications is almost the norm in certain areas of recruitment; and our PRINCE2 project management courses have never been so popular! For […]

  • Project Management Software

    By | Published June 20, 2012

    Being a project manager means having to juggle lots of tasks, demands and resources at once. Budgets and deadlines must be met, progress monitored and reports produced; and many people, including team members and stakeholders, need to be kept up to date with developments. Whilst training in project management techniques such as PRINCE2 will teach […]

  • Evaluating a PRINCE2 Project

    By | Published May 24, 2012

    When we talked about closing a PRINCE2 project last week, we mentioned the importance of evaluating the project. This process is vital, and one that those involved in projects but not trained in project management techniques may overlook. Becoming PRINCE2 certified on one of our PRINCE2 courses will mean not making this kind of mistake! […]

  • How to Close a Project in PRINCE2

    By | Published May 15, 2012

    Under the PRINCE2 framework, all projects have defined beginnings, middles and ends – all of which must be tightly controlled. Whilst planning, initiating and executing the project, the Project Manager reports to the Project Board – so, similarly, the Project Board has to give final sign-off on the project closure. For successful project closure, there must […]

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