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Dependencies in PRINCE2

prince2-project-dependenciesPRINCE2 allows for product-based planning with a focus on quality and mapping. Because of this, dependencies must be identified – without this step no control over stage boundaries would be achieved, and realistic planning would be impossible.

What is a Dependency?

A dependency is a link between elements of a product that depend on each other for execution. It’s important for project managers to break projects down into as small milestones/individual products as makes the work manageable and most easily controlled.

Dependencies are especially important in large-scale projects, where later stages can’t be predicted until the earlier parts are complete. The very fact that there are quality checks at the end of each stage means that the initiation of the next stage depends on the success of the one before.

Stage Plans, and especially Team Plans, may not be able to work from the Product Flow Diagram for the purposes of estimation and control. Instead, the managing a stage boundary process is followed. Read the rest of “Dependencies in PRINCE2″

When to be Flexible in PRINCE2 Project Management

flexibility-project-managementProject management techniques such as PRINCE2 are based on careful planning and tight control. There is also the fundamental acceptance that plans will need to be changed as the project progresses – if this sounds confusing then learning PRINCE2 techniques will let you know when and how to adapt the project.

For example, you will usually set flexible decision points for each stage where progress is reviewed against the business case. What I want to discuss today is the scope for flexibility beyond these points.

It’s true that PRINCE2 is a structured methodology, but this should not mean sticking to procedure when a common sense approach may be more appropriate. It can be tempting to measure PM success as how closely you stuck to the framework, but the most important thing is that the job is done well, not that the job is done by applying the PRINCE2 formula to the letter.

The best project managers can apply their training to real-life scenarios – when things never quite go the same as they do on paper! Sometimes you need to make business decisions on a gut feeling. A great PM is not a robot – you are hired for your personality and experience, which make your decisions valid.

Here are our top insights for understanding the role of flexibility in PRINCE2: Read the rest of “When to be Flexible in PRINCE2 Project Management”

Communication Skills in Project Management

Communication Skills in Project ManagementTraining in project management techniques such as PRINCE2 will give you the theory of how to structure and run a project. We’ll also give you case studies and real-world applications of the knowledge to make it easier to start managing projects when you return to work. Understanding the importance of  other skills such as communication is also critical to project success.

Within any project management framework, there are important documents to be drawn up, referred to and maintained. This requires excellent written communication skills as well as knowledge of the paperwork required. Verbal communication skills are necessary in order to keep your team updated and motivated, to explain the project to stakeholders, and to provide the Project Board with progress reports.

With that in mind, here are our top tips for communication in project management.


When most people think of effective communication, they think of how they deliver information to others. This is far from accurate – communication is a two-way street and improving your skills must begin with making an effort to truly listen and understand. Read the rest of “Communication Skills in Project Management”

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